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Spain, 1971.


Self-taught amateur photographer, interested only in Analog Black & White Photography.


Fine Art Photography Awards 2017. Nominee

Monochrome Photography Awards 2021. Honorable Mention. Premio Internacional Rafael Ramos García 2021. Finalista.

Featured in International Lens Magazine (Israel). Four of his portfolios are featured on the Dodho Magazine website.

Licenciado (5 years degree) in Philosophy.

Based in La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain.

Roberto A. Cabrera is also a writer:


All the photographs by Roberto A. Cabrera presented on this website were scanned from gelatin silver prints.


All the prints were made on Ilford papers (Multigrade IV, Classic, Cooltone and Ilfobrom Galerie) with a Beseler 23 CII XL, using an El-Nikkor 50 mm f/2.8N and a Rodenstock Rodagon 105 mm f/5,6 enlarging lenses and then developed in Ilford Bromophen 1+3.

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